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Facebook business page Vs. Facebook Personal Profile

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Facebook business page Vs. Facebook Personal Profile

One common question I come across is, why should I have Facebook business page when I already have Facebook profile? I will try to explain the difference here, as it is important for your digital marketing strategy.

Your personal Facebook page is designed to help you in connecting with your friends , family and close ones. This is where you share your personal photos , your status and also interact with your close ones through comments & direct messages.

Whereas Facebook business page is your professional profile, it is your online brand. It talks about your services , offerings , capabilities , customer testimonials etc. Facebook Business page is your channel to your current and prospective clients . This is designed to help you promote your business and services and also increasing your reach to larger audience.

Important point to remember : To create Facebook Business Page , you have to use your personal Facebook profile.

Here are some of the Yes & No for Facebook business page:

1. Yes – Share your business profile updates to your personal page. This will help your friends know about your professional milestones.

2. No – Please don’t post information from personal profile to your Facebook business page. Business page is meant to be representing your Digital Brand not you.

3. No – Please avoid posting religious and political comment , content on your Facebook business page. Again keep in mind this is your Digital brand not you.

4. No – Please avoid putting very technical content on your Facebook business page. All the content should be easily understood by your proposed clienteles. If you are doctor you should definitely publish health tips but publishing details of some experimental medicine may not be relevant to everyone.

5. Yes – Please invite your friends to like and share your Facebook business page. This will help you in better reach and also might help with your SEO.

6. Yes – Your Facebook business page must have updated information about your contact details and working hours. Any change to this must be reflected instantly.

7. No – Please ensure to verify user while posting and sharing on your personal page , in case you have Facebook business page associated with same Facebook profile.

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