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Do You Need - Digital Marketing For Doctors

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Simple answer is Yes, Digital marketing for doctors is very much required in today’s digital world. Most of the patients these days go to Google for searching doctors in vicinity. They also look for comments , reviews and other details by people before deciding the initial consultation.

If you as doctor or clinic wants to make full use of digital era , you must think of digital media strategy to increase your google ranking. You should have SEO, Digital Marketing and Digital Branding as part of your digital media strategy.

It is already obvious but following figure could tell you how many users are using digital platforms and which specific platform you should target for your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing For Doctors
Social Media Users in India

It is very evident Facebook is the most extensively used digital platform in India , you must have good Facebook marketing strategy.

What it takes to implement Facebook marketing for doctors: will help you as your digital branding consultant. We will define and implement your Digital marketing strategy with main focus on Facebook Marketing.

How much time you need to spend:

Close to nothing. We will come up with Facebook marketing strategy for you with our long experience in working with Doctors in India. We will connect with you for quick chat or phone calls not exceeding 30 minutes a week. We will manage , publish and market your Facebook marketing plan.

How much investment you need to make:

You will not believe how less you have to investment with for your digital marketing implementation. Please connect with us for quotation.

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